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“An expert affair from a duo of gentlemen who are not shy of indulging in the tech of today, resulting in truly grown-up music that’s equal parts fun, intricate, accessible, and ageless."

- Rock Era Magazine


“Crafting a spacey folk soundscape, on “Cold Hard Dirt” they offer a sound unlike anything else out there, showcasing the depth of their creativity and knack for making engaging and original music.”

- Plastic Magazine


“With a name like Dream of a Man in a Top Hat you should have already known that this band would blow your mind, and bring something different to the table. “All Time Is Borrowed Time” is a song that you will keep thinking about, a song that will stay in your head long after it’s done.”

- Rising Artists Music Blog


“An audacious blend of lo-fi rock, post punk & chiptune!”

- Last Day Deaf


"Opposite Poles is a prime example, being heavily psychedelic, ambient, and alternative rock sounding while still encompassing post-punk roots and at least by my ear, even sounding Britpop at times. It vibes like the Beatles’ 'Tomorrow Never Knows', meets the Clash, meets the Gorillaz.”

- Less Than 1,000 Followers


“Stylistically, every song they share has the ability to hit your music sweet spot while throwing you off the tracks with something entirely new. Like two adventurers who are also deep thinkers and psychedelic experts, they deliver the world through a lens of combined familiarity and bizarreness.”

- Punk Head


“'Like a Fire Engine' by Dream of a Man in a Top Hat is a thrilling ride of sound. The combination of psychedelic elements, post-punk, and alternative rock creates a wild and electrifying atmosphere that’s sure to get your heart racing.

- Find No Enemy


“Such a unique vibe and an experimental spirit can only be found in honest and unafraid compositions.”

- Less Than 1,000 Followers

Reviews: Testimonials


Dream of a Man in a Top Hat's first full-length album

Reviews: Testimonials

“It's moody, it's manic, it's magnificently meandering with its musical progression and old school psych vibes."

- YACK! Magazine

“We're as impressed as ever by (the) vision and crafting, weaving another surprising and inventive sound…”

- Various Small Flames

“Bill and Lulu is an upbeat and energetic rock track. The vocals sound great, killer delivery. Guitars add a sparkle and drive throughout. The rhythm section is tight and punchy. ”

- Music On The Moon

“A really lively and funky gritty guitar and rock sound with some bite and a cool vibe and atmosphere.”

- We All Want Someone To Shout For

“The production is great; I think it's a unique sound that is full of interesting textures. ”

- Alfitude

“Heady psychedelia production and spacious vocals captivate…”

- Obscure Sound

“Lush, dreamy and sunny slice of woozy psych-splashed indie-rock…”

- BarryGruff

“The lovely flow of the vocals coupled with the mesmerizing chaos of the track's instrumental soundscape made for a really engaging and unique listening experience right out of the gate…”

- Underrated

“I must admit that the scattershot guitar tooting anger in this track is something that appeals to our scuzzy underground club mentality. Though older we can still appreciate the mania of a tune that could literally go anywhere. ”

- mp3 hugger

“I like this, it's wonky, weird, wacky, wonderful. It has some venom in its tooth with enough of a rattle in its tail to hypnotize.”

- YACK! Magazine

"This is absolutely bonkers. I felt like I got high off the creativity of this."

- Alt77

"So, what’s the verdict? Is this something you’d want to hear? Fans of psychedelic music will have a leg up, but this stuff goes far beyond anything I’ve heard in that genre. This is a wild and unique album… an unpolished classic along the lines of Beefheart’s Trout Mask Replica or Music To Eat by the Hampton Grease Band."

- Divide and Conquer

littlecov left2.jpeg


Dream of a Man in a Top Hat's debut EP release

Reviews: Testimonials

“Funky, grooving and swaggering slice of sunny and feelgood alt-rock; guitars shimmer and twang amid a swirl of warm fuzz and breezy tones as a funky riff swaggers along atop the sweet groove -
it is infectious and super seductive…"

- BarryGruff

“Nothing I've heard is really like this! Cool stuff!”

- Bloom/Pool

“Loved the beats and synths combination, the psychy guitar sound was fitting - beautiful groove.”

- Hard of Hearing Music

“What a fine sort of a novelty and aural rollicking this is, not something to go with the morning coffee but then who wants to be forever on the straight and arrow. Not this lot anyway as they have conspired to go about things in the only way they see possible and that means the rest of us have to shape up or ship out.”

- mp3 hugger

“Nice instrumental, good energy, really like these vibes and this strange atmosphere.”

- Thony Ritz

“Felt like driving on a cliff's edge mountain road, admiring the open sky,
but nervous at the same time about none-lit road.”

- comeherefloyd

“The combination of styles is superb!”

- Alternative Alpaca

“Weird and psychedelic!”


“Excellent band name and a fun song with many great ideas.”

- Zero Music Magazine

“Great atmosphere on this one and very cool sound design.”

- SecretEclectic

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